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Coming Soon - Eleos Life Insurance

You’re always there for your family, let us be there for you

A life insurance policy is the best gift you can give them when you’re gone.

Eleos life insurance will be available soon - connect with us to stay in the loop

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What is life insurance?

It’s a policy that insures your life so you have the comfort of knowing that if you pass away, you’ve taken care of the people you leave behind.

How to get our life insurance

We believe that getting insurance should be as simple as ordering a takeaway, and as pioneers of fully digital insurance in the UK, that’s what Eleos does.

You can apply and get accepted in minutes and it’s all done online, without ever having to speak to an agent. All you need to do is:

Answer a few questions to check that you qualify

Choose your level of cover and how much you’ll pay

Get approved in minutes

Manage your policy online in your personal dashboard

If the worst happens, your policy will pay out to whoever you’ve chosen as your beneficiary.

Benefits of life insurance

A life insurance policy can give your loved ones what they need to:

Cover mortgage payments and rent
Make up for the loss of your income
Meet the household bills
Pay education fees
Provide savings
Take care of funeral costs
Cover mortgage payments and rent
Make up for the loss of your income
Meet the household bills
Pay education fees
Provide savings
Take care of funeral costs

It may be painful to think about, but pain today means protection for tomorrow.

What does life insurance cover?

Eleos life insurance is designed to cover you if you pass away in virtually any circumstances*. You choose how much you want your dependants to receive and if you die, that’s what they’ll get.

How much cover do you get?

Up to £500,000 with a minimum of £10,000.

How does the policy pay out?

The policy pays out in a lump sum.

Is my insurance pay-out taxable?

Inheritance tax can be avoided if the policy is in trust.

Is terminal illness cover included?

Yes, your policy pays out if you’re diagnosed with an illness that will end your life in the next 12 months.

How to choose your life insurance policy

There are lots of options to suit different needs

Single cover
Insures your life so that if you die your policy pays out to the person(s) of your choosing.
Joint cover
Covers you and someone else together, so if either one of you dies, the policy pays out.
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Why choose us for life insurance?

Because we make it easy to buy a policy and manage it online.

Not only can you set it up online in minutes, without dealing with agents - once you’ve joined the Eleos club you’ll get much more than insurance:

Cashback every time you buy from popular brands

24/7 remote access to GPs

Free mental health support service

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What our customers are saying


‘Brilliant customer service, always there to answer questions and resolve issues.’


‘Very helpful customer service from Charlie. WhatsApp such an easy way to communicate.’


‘Very good customer service- answered all my queries and made me feel at ease.’



Life insurance with Eleos can cost as little as £5 a month.
The average premiums in 2024 are:
£9.71 a month for single cover
£16.84 a month for joint cover
Life insurance is designed to give financial support to those who depend on your income. It gives them a financial safety net if you were to pass away.
That's entirely up to you. Some might think about how much their dependents would need to be financially comfortable, and if they have any debts to be paid off.
Some people base their cover amount on their annual salary multiplied by the number of years they want their families to be supported, balancing their needs with affordability.
Typically life insurance policies exclude the following: Acts of war or terrorism, claims caused by alcohol & drug abuse and suicide within the first year. .
Unfortunately, no there are certain conditions we can't insure.
Eleos policy covers suicide, as long as it doesn’t happen within the first year of the policy Most policies won’t pay out if you take your life in the early days of the policy.
It depends which policy you choose. A term life policy has a fixed end date but a whole life policy will last for as long as you pay your monthly premium.
Yes, you can ask to make amendments to your policy at any time.
Once you take out life insurance your premiums will stay the same for the duration of your policy.
There is no cash value in a life insurance plan; it pays out when you pass away.

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