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Income Protection Insurance UK

Is your income vital to you and your loved ones?

It’s easy to take your income for granted and think it’s always going to be there. We all do it; but if you get ill or injured and your work stops paying, will you still have that income? If not, then it might be time you considered income protection insurance.

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What do people claim for?

The most common claims are for
musculoskeletal injuries like strains, sprains and back pains
mental health conditions like anxiety and depression

But income protection insurance can cover many* illnesses and injuries that stop you from working for weeks rather than days.


Who needs income protection?

It’s for anyone who depends on their regular income, especially people who:
have only limited employee sick pay
have families or other dependants
have no other source of income
are self-employed

Protecting your income means that you can still afford:

Your bills

Your mortgage payments or rent

Food and essentials

Your leisure time

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What is income protection insurance?

It’s a way of insuring yourself against the most common causes of lost income: illness and injury, both physical and mental. They’re unexpected and can be disastrous for your finances

If you get ill or injured and have to stop working, you might be shocked at how little financial support you could get.

£116.75 a week is all your employer has to pay you in statutory sick pay.

£90.50 a week is the Employment and Support Allowance for the self-employed.

Whereas an Eleos income protection policy can give you up to 70% of your pre-tax income (or up to £2,800 - whichever amount is lower).

Take out a policy while you’re fit and working, then, if sickness forces you to stop, you can make a claim to replace most of your income and receive monthly payments until you’re able to go back to work.

What are the benefits of our income protection insurance?

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Financial security

If you have to stop working you can get up to 70% of your normal income. That’s roughly the same as what your employer pays you after tax, and you keep getting it until you can go back to work.

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Peace of mind

You know that if the worst happens, you won’t have to worry about money. That’s a precious gift to you and your family.

Exclusive membership perks

Eleos insurance provides financial protection but our aim is to give you much more. That’s why your membership of the Eleos club comes with lots of valuable perks - and we’re always searching for new ways to help make your money go further and your life happier

So, when you take out a policy with Eleos you also get:

Cashback every time you buy from popular brands
24/7 access to remote GP
doctor care everywhere
£6,000 of life insurance
20% discount at Nuffield Health gyms
nuffied health
NICE-accredited mental health support services

And you cancel at any time, with no fees to pay.

How does Eleos income protection insurance work?

All it takes is three easy steps:

Step 1

Get a personalised quote, adjust it to your needs and budget, then choose your policy

Step 2

Answer a few simple questions about yourself online – no need to talk to a stranger about your health

Step 3

Get approved within minutes and your policy goes live! Also gain access to our exclusive member benefits from your personal dashboard

We'll even give you back your first 3 premiums

To know if you are eligible for Eleos Income Protection Insurance, you must have:

Lived in the UK for at least 3 years
Been signed up with a GP for at least 3 years
Not currently off sick from work
Already be earning money as an employee or in self-employment

If your job is hazardous we might not be able to cover you, or if you take part in dangerous sports or leisure activities we may have to put restrictions on your cover. View our policy document to find out.

Here’s what our customers say:


‘Brilliant customer service, always there to answer questions and resolve issues.’


‘Very helpful customer service from Charlie. WhatsApp such an easy way to communicate.’


‘Very good customer service- answered all my queries and made me feel at ease.’


Are you ready to get your income protection insurance?

Income protection puts you in control of your financial stability and gives you peace of mind.
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Help’s always at hand

If you want to talk to us about it, tell us how to contact you


An Eleos income protection policy could cost you as little as £5 a month
Check how much and how long your employer will pay you if you have to take sick leave.
If you’re self-employed ask yourself “what would I do, If I am ill or injured and can’t earn?” Bear in mind that government support could be a very small fraction of your regular income.
Short-term protection

Some may use this for temporary illness or injury.

Long-term protection

Some may use this for longer term illnesses or injuries.

With Eleos you can choose to be paid for up to 1 year or 2 years. Whichever you choose, we’ll pay you for as long as you’re unable to work up to the maximum agreed.

It’s hard to put a price on financial security and peace of mind but at Eleos we’ve done just that.
No - Income protection covers you for those times when you have to take a break from work because of health problems. It can’t help if you’re made redundant or lose your job.
When you take out income protection insurance we ask you to choose a ‘waiting period’. This is the time between becoming ill or injured and getting your first payment.

Are you ready to get your income protection insurance?

Income protection puts you in control of your financial stability and gives you peace of mind.

*After you’ve paid your first three monthly premiums, Eleos will pay the full amount back into your bank account. If you fail to pay any of the monthly premiums on time or cancel your policy, you won’t qualify for this offer.

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