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Here's what we do and why

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Our vision is to make everyone financially resilient to the unexpected storms of life.

Here's what we do and why

Our vision is to make everyone financially resilient to the unexpected storms of life.

father wit children
father wit children
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Fed up with jumping through hoops? Sick of unfair premiums for higher risk jobs? Put off by all the medical questions? Tired of waiting for a decision?
We never forget that insurance is all about people. We've seen it from both sides and we know we can do it better. We're not some big, impersonal company but we've got decades of experience creating digital alternatives.
If you choose Eleos you'll see the difference immediately.
With Eleos you can look forward to:
Getting your quote and buying online
No medical reports until you make a claim
Fixed premiums whatever your occupation
Cover in under 30 minutes
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Providing a financial cushion to make tough times easier

At Eleos, we understand that a sudden, dramatic loss of earnings can be devastating for households.

Insurance is a great way to maintain your lifestyle without depleting savings, relying on your family or turning to the state for financial support. However, we know that insurance can feel like a burden. It’s often complicated and costly. Traditional insurers are generous with their promises, but cautious in keeping them.

We want to put trust and transparency back into a vital resource that’s hard to access and offers policies that aren’t tailored to the needs of individuals and families. We’re here to help you navigate tough times and protect your finances.

Eleos is rebuilding insurance from the ground up to give individuals and families the cover they need, quickly and painlessly. We’ve made protecting your finances affordable, inclusive and less intimidating.

Our fast and simple online process means you can apply and get accepted in a fraction of the time it takes with other companies. Why wait days, weeks or months when you can get the perfect policy in minutes?

Who makes all of this possible?

Nuno Costa CTO
Nuno Costa
With over 25 years of experience in building and maintaining tech stacks, Nuno has helped drive the growth of startups, scale-ups and established enterprises.
Kiruba Eswaran CEO
Kiruba Eswaran
Having founded and exited successful businesses, Kiruba has more than 5 years’ experience in the insurance sector and more than 15 years in building tech products.
Antonio Lopez Lead Developer
Antonio Lopez
Lead Developer
Skilled in all aspects of software development, Antonio has more than 5 years’ experience in the financial services sector.
Charlie Robinson Founder Associate
Charlie Robinson
Founder Associate
Charlie has over 10 years experience in financial services and insurtech, cultivating long-term business relationships and delivering exceptional customer experience.
Alexandre Muralha Developer
Alexandre Muralha
Alexandre is a front-end developer and a former professional photographer with an exceptional eye for the visual detail of applications.
Joana Santos Designer
Joana Santos
Joana is a multidisciplinary designer with over 3 years’ experience working in many different areas of the design sector.
David Smith Content Writer
David Smith
Content Writer
After a career in publishing David has been a professional copywriter specialising in digital content for over 15 years.
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Where you can find us

Our registered office is at the heart of London’s Covent Garden, in the middle of the West End’s Theatreland. Its history dates back centuries and for three hundred years until 1980 it was a world-famous fruit and vegetable market.
The members of the Eleos team work collaboratively – both remotely and in person - to pursue our shared goal of providing accessible, affordable insurance to everyone.
If you want to get in touch we’re here to talk.
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